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Love Tolls Mar 9 20'


Bloodlust intentions fill me up with rage

The fumes of betrayal point towards Carnage

But I don't walk through that gate

That's not my intent anyway

I stay

Seated on the throne of patience

Watching my heart bruised and battered

By the pain of vain relations

Heart turned into stone by the hands of one of my own

But I have to resist, have to undo

The pain of expectation is, it has little to do with you

Yet when disappointment is aroused and betrayal is announced, the seat of your stomach sinks deep in a crowd of wild thoughts that envy delusion and smile at bliss.

Cuz ignorance does seem good in a time like this.

However, time will not sit still, and the truth is never too long concealed 

When it comes, you bear the weight

Your heart in your hand, you control your fate

As I control mine

And while we did dine, break bread and drink wine

Betrayal was on your mind

This last supper was so divine

But your kiss destroyed this vine.

Now the repercussions linger on my mind

What resolution will my heart find?

May seem uncertain but I know my kind

I forgive, try to forget, pretend to be blind

Love like I'm hopeless and bewitch my own mind

And in no time, I'll be fine

I'm fine.

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