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Floater's Drift Jun 12 20'

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


I'm taking conscious steps One foot in front of the other Slow, measured, calculated. Yet, I can't help but feel adrift Floating in the midst of space debris. Not knowing where I am Who's with me Where I'm going Only where I want to be. Which is: Grounded Where my feet touch the ground And I sink beneath the pressure of the sea Where jumping too high is a risk Cuz gravity is more present than consciousness But here I am, wavering in stability Astroprojecting Spirit floating but feet on earth Feeling slightly, but not feeling a lot. Unreactive and docile for long periods With sudden fits and outbursts of emotion and desire My mind stays, then it goes I drift, and I float I set sail without a boat Engraved in the mind stone of calamity Ready to sink without a ship Hoping for stability With a heart that's radioactive

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