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Since you're here, my guess is you're interested in knowing more about the art and possibly the artist.

I typically don't like to talk about myself. However, since you've taken the time out to dive into my website, my work, and maybe consider making a purchase, I think it's fair to you that I tell you a bit about myself and my art.

I'm a Nigerian born abstract artist and writer with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. I've always taken a liking to arts, but I didn't begin pursuing it till my final year of college (2016) when I discovered I could actually draw. Ever since, it's been about honing, perfecting and finding my space within it.

As an artist and a writer there's a common theme to my work. That is duality. Duality and the Continuum that lays between. Light and dark, simplicity and intricacy, lines and space.

The intricate pieces of art you find tell a grand story beyond the pieces themselves. They are my interpretation of the fabric of the universe and everything in it. Simple lines and dots that relate through time and space to form a grand piece of art that we all see and live. 

The simpler pieces are but a magnified view of the intricacies, the further you zoom, the less lines you see. And no matter how far out you zoom, there's always a grander picture yet to be seen. So each piece is a piece of a piece, a part of a story yet told.

As for the writings, those tell stories of themselves, take a peak and tell me what you think instead. 

My inspiration stems from around me and within me. Just like any artist, I reach down from within me to express that which I see around me in a way that bridges the gap between what is seen and what is not.


So I hope, as you go through the artworks and the writings, that you are inspired. To find and to hone that expression unique to you, to bridge the gap between dualities.



Mr. Daibo II

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